Thank you for your interest in joining CIRI. We can't wait to help you stay informed, connected and current!

To start the process, select which of the following best describes your current role:

I am a Corporate Practitioner - I practice investor relations and am employed at a single company or group of companies related by ownership and whose securities are listed for trading in the public markets. 

I am a Consultant - I am a consultant engaged in assisting public-company clients in the design and implementation of broad-based investor relations programs. 

I am an Associate - I am employed in a business that provides products or services to support the investor relations function. 

 $840 + applicable taxes. 

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I am a Student - I am currently in an investor relations and/or communications related post-secondary education. Proof of enrollment is required. 

 $265 + applicable taxes. 

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I am a Retiree - I have retired but want to stay connected with the IR community and informed of changes in the profession. 

Fees: $165 + applicable taxes. 
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