The Standard Setter for IR in Canada

The Canadian Investor Relations Institute (CIRI) is a professional, not-for-profit association of executives responsible for communication between public corporations, investors and the financial community. With four Chapters and close to 500 members across Canada, CIRI is the world’s third-largest society of investor relations (IR) professionals. Learn more about CIRI’s History.


CIRI will be recognized as the Canadian authority on investor relations, committed to enabling fair and efficient capital markets.


CIRI contributes to the transparency and integrity of the Canadian capital market by advancing the practice of investor relations, the professional competency of its members and the stature of the profession.


Professional Development

Provide a full range of high-quality professional development programs for Canadian Investor relations professionals to keep members current on investor relations issues and best practices.

Voice in Public Policy

Take a leadership role in Canadian capital markets to represent the views of CIRI members.


Continue to raise the stature of investor relations across Canada to ensure that CIRI is recognized as the authority on investor relations.


Attract, retain and involve CIRI members to ensure the ongoing vitality of the organization and of the investor relations profession.

Financial Stability

Manage CIRI’s finances prudently in order to build and maintain sufficient capital to sustain CIRI through economic downturns and to support future growth.

News & Media Mentions

Stay current on CIRI’s activities through news releases and media mentions.

Board & Committees

CIRI is governed by a Board of Directors and supported by Committees.

Chapter Executives

The Chapter Executives drive local activities including professional development and networking events plus mentorship.


CIRI’s Board and the Chapter Executives are governed by CIRI’s By-laws.

Investor Relations... the strategic management responsibility that integrates the disciplines of finance, communications, marketing, securities law compliance and sustainability to achieve an effective flow of information between a company, the investment community and other stakeholders, in order to support an informed valuation of the company’s securities and enable fair and efficient capital markets.


CIRI Board
Spring 2021