CIRI Alberta Chair's Message

I am very excited to have assumed the role of Chair of your CIRI Alberta Board for 2013-2014. It is very clear to me that I am following in the footsteps of someone who has tirelessly served this organization, Paul Beique. I am looking forward to working with Paul as Past President and, with the support, encouragement and input of the other Board members and CIRI National, I am confident that we can work together to provide value to all Alberta members.

This year, in the spirit of a more integrated and shared leadership vision, we will be engaging our members in a process to identify where CIRI Alberta should concentrate its focus to provide you with valuable, relevant, interesting and timely information. Our priorities, grouped in three major areas, are built upon the initiatives of the CIRI Presidents who have preceded me.


We will undertake to raise awareness of the important role that IR professionals play - in public markets, regulatory bodies and with other complimentary professional organizations. We will continue to work with institutions like Mount Royal College to help develop and prepare tomorrow's IRO workforce.

Member Networking and Outreach

A second major set of priorities is related to member networking and outreach. As an example, robust communications - especially electronic communications - are not just vital to organizations today, they are essential. We will be looking at social media forums to bring timely updates on emerging issues and interesting articles relating to IR.

Professional Development

The third area is that of professional development. The plan for this year is to "walk the talk". Taking advantage of technology tools to enhance the professional development opportunities offered through CIRI, you can expect to see more webinars, in-demand speakers and role-specific workshops just for starters. We will be exploring various options to provide robust, engaging and interactive education offerings. We will be working closely with CIRI National and the other Provincial Chapters to share ideas, educational resources and even complimentary programs that can be accessed from anywhere, any time.

It promises to be an exciting year with many new happenings, all related to the strategic visioning process and the core goals of CIRI. I urge you to be an active participant this year.

Finally, on a personal note, I am honored to be representing you as the President of CIRI Alberta and will work diligently to ensure that this organization meets the needs of our membership.

Have a great summer and stay tuned for more on our 2013-2014 season!

Chair, CIRI Alberta

Calendar of Events

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    Quebec Chapter
    Interagir avec les investisseurs de manière efficace : les meilleures pratiques en relations avec les investisseurs pour un maximum de notoriété / Engaging Investors Effectively: Investor Relations Best Practices for Securing Maximum Mindshare

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  • Sep 9, 2015
    British Columbia Chapter
    CIRI BC: State of the IR job market

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  • Sep 10, 2015
    Ontario Chapter
    CIRI ON September Networking

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  • Thank You To CIRI's 2010 National Strategic Partners
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